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We are working to convert our current titles into E-Book format. We aim to have these available to download in the very near future.

Our range of vibrant bilingual posters and educational resources are designed to help early learners with simple translations!

All our educational resources are designed by local authors and artists

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Moabooks is a Samoan-based language resource organisation. Our bilingual resources are designed by a group of Samoan writers, designers and artists, led by early education specialist Momoe von Reiche. Momoe has a Bachelor of Education and a lifetime of teaching experience working with children in Samoa and New Zealand. Momoe is a recognised artist and the founder of MADD Gallery, a hub of art and education that has been active for over 30 years.

Moabooks resources are designed to engage people, and children especially, with the Samoan language while creating a connection with Samoan culture. Moabooks makes learning Samoan fun! 

Our resources are designed for schools, education centres, community centres and families around the world to engage their learners in Fa’a Samoa!

Momoe von Reiche


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Featured Product:

(level 3-7)

This book is designed to support and facilitate children in learning the Samoan alphabet, its pronunciations and associated words and meanings. Lined pages are provided so that new words can be added with their English meanings.

The dictionary also includes supplementary themes that relate to the child’s environment like numbers, days of the week, words about the day, words about the sea, words about food, words about Samoa and so on.


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