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Alafapeti Samoa
Samoan Alphabet

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Learn the Samoan alphabet with our: Alafapeti Samoa – Samoan Alphabet Poster, a bilingual poster designed to help beginners identify different machines by their Samoan and English names!

At Moabooks, we believe that a child’s pathway to literacy begins through engaging with stories and books before they are born and continue throughout their life. Literacy leads to better health, employment opportunities, and the creation of stable societies. Each step of the way requires words and meanings in songs, stories, or in books in their spoken language.

However, according to a research by UNESCO ( Institute of Statistics 2018, Education Database), 385 million children, ( 93 million of these are children with disability); are not expected to read or do basic math by the end of primary schools because despite the importance of books, there is globally, a severe shortage of books for children learning to read in many countries.

Our bilingual educational resources develop important cognitive skills such as problem solving, logic, critical thinking and creativity because it exercises young minds and forces learners to think about how you can express and effectively convey your thoughts with the vocabulary you possess in each language.

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