This series of Fa’gogo brings to life Samoan traditions and stories. They are short books with black and white illustration, written and illustrated by MADD Galley’s founder and resident artist, Momoe von Reiche.

A6 Size / 8 Pages / Black and white illustrations.



'O Le Fe'e ma le 'Isumu
The Octopus and the Rat

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This is an old Samoan folk tale about the kind-hearted octopus that took the rascally rat for a ride on its head, and when the rat jumped off it left an unwanted mess on the octopus’s head. There are a few lessons that can be learnt from this story like, be careful of who you give your help to; and know who your real friends are. Up to this day, the octopus is still looking for the rat; that is why fishermen fishing for octopuses use a lure made from a round rock that is shaped like a rat with a spotted shell tied to it. When a fisherman lowers this rat shaped lure into the sea where the octopuses live, an octopus lunges for it.

A classic Fa’gogo ( Samoan Tale), that brings to life Samoan traditions and stories.


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